Virtual Support


Creating value for your Customers:
discover support video tutorials for immediate and autonomous service

Critical issues as opportunities for improvement

Over the last few years, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many Companies have had to rethink their operations and production processes.
Several activities in direct contact with the public have been eliminated, while other essential operations have been revised in whole or in part.

Norblast, too, had to review its way of working during this period, changing all those operations that required direct company-customer contact. The winning weapon, in this case, was to exploit this period of ‘forced’ change as an opportunity to renew its processes and optimise the use of internal resources.

With a view to internal streamlining, Norblast was able to exploit this period of criticality as an opportunity for improvement by reviewing – among other things – customer service activities to make them more immediate, simple and clear.

An immediate and intuitive response to reduce waiting time:

When analysing technical support requests, Norblast noticed that some questions were more common than others. Most of the requests, in fact, concerned a number of ‘frequent’ topics, which could be dealt with by following a few simple steps that the Customer could perform independently.
In order to meet this need, therefore, Norblast thought of creating a 24-hour support service that would make the user 100% autonomous.

How does the new service work?

Norblast has thus created short illustrative videos, available in three languages (Italian, English and Spanish), showing how to solve the most common problems encountered by Customers for each specific machine.
Accessing these service tutorial videos is very easy.
Each standard machine in the Compact line now has a QR Code which, when scanned with a smartphone or tablet, takes the user to a web page with a list of ‘frequently asked questions’.
The user simply selects the problem encountered from the list and watches the short supporting video to resolve the issue in a few simple steps.
All this makes virtual assistance available 24 hours a day, extremely practical and intuitive for the customer.

A real added value for all Norblast Customers:

This additional service has brought significant benefits, both on the Norblast side – as it has reduced the time and costs dedicated to service – and on the customer side, as it allows them to:

Access 24/7 support;
Resolve issues more quickly and immediately;
Become more autonomous in troubleshooting;
Reduce downtime.
This service methodology was first developed by Norblast and, as you can imagine, has proved to be a great plus for all customers, who have reported numerous positive feedbacks.


For this reason, from now on, all standard Norblast machines in the Compact line will be equipped with QR codes to speed up the service process and make customers more autonomous.

It is also important to remember that this service does not replace telephone assistance (which remains guaranteed at all times). On the contrary, it adds to the services offered to make the problem-solving phase even more efficient.