The foundry industry ranks among the most demanding and competitive sectors.

On one hand, certain processes are extremely complex. On the other hand, the market demands require the ability to process high volumes and ensure high reliability. We develop customised machines for companies in the foundry industry, with a view to providing complete solutions that offer a competitive edge thanks to process accuracy, automation and repeatability.

Designing shot-peening and sandblasting machines and processes for the foundry industry
means tackling the complex geometry of the parts to be processed and ensure perfect results.
The machines need to ensure accuracy and total repeatability in the typical processes of the industry, for instance aesthetic finishing, deburring and removal of wax and sand casting residuals from parts that feature complex geometry such as the inner surfaces of the ducts of hydraulic distributors or engine heads, just to name a few.
We have gathered broad expertise in this industry over the years and design each and every machine around the ideal process for the specific needs of each customer. Our machines are designed ad hoc and tailored to the needs of each individual application.
This is a great advantage not only because it turns out highly efficient treatments, but also because the focus is on optimising machine operation, so as to make machines easy to operate, facilitate interaction with operators and speed up their learning progress. Each company can benefit from this in its own way.