Aviation is an ongoing challenge.

Component materials and processes must guarantee performance with maximum durability and absolute reliability, often under extreme conditions. Systems are highly customized and often unique.


High-quality, hi-tech finish shot peening machines and third-party processing.
Our machines meet the needs of multiple technological processes in this field. They are designed with the most advanced technology to fully satisfy the specific requirements of the aviation industry, distinguished by parts with complex shapes, strict usage conditions, and continuous evolution of materials. Shot-peening machines are developed to give every single part maximum durability, while hi-tech finishing machines are designed to achieve surfaces with specific properties. One of the many benefits is that a precise, controlled surface roughness improves adhesion of galvanic coatings and improves the bonding strength of any material, from metals to composites.
Our machines are fully compatible with and certified under NADCAP specifications and are compatible with typical guidelines of industry certifications.
Where applicable, our specialized shot-peening subsidiary Peen Service also offers outsourced treatment of all components for this sector, both for fixed and rotary-wing aircraft.