The Final Touch

Advanced Sandblasting and Shot-Peening Solutions

A future built on 40 years of history

Norblast is an Italian company based in Bologna that produces sandblasting and shot-peening systems. For four decades, Norblast has been synonymous with vision, innovation and evolution in the world of high-tech surface treatments.
We relish a challenge and never give up until we reach our goal, especially when that goal is to provide a concrete, powerful, customized solution to our customer, allowing them to improve a specific process, or an entire production system.

We design and create surface treatment machines

Our machines are the result of years of research in the surface-treatment field. Each model is conceived and designed according to its specific area of ​​application. This has given rise to the comprehensive range of Norblast solutions.

A wide range of solutions for manually handling small, medium and large parts. Suction or direct-pressure systems to meet any requirement.

We design systems with the most advanced technology to increase fatigue strength and extend the life of mechanical components.

We create solutions aimed at cleaning, finishing, roughness improvement and dyeing for components produced with all additive manufacturing technologies (SLS, MJF, SLM, EBM, FDM and Binder Jetting).

Let’s build your ideal finishing solution together. Our Norblast LAB Research Center allows us to guarantee excellent results

We have a large spare parts and blasting media warehouse, with materials always in stock, allowing customers to operate at their best, with efficiency and continuity.
Gloves, pipes, glazing, filter cartridges and all types of blasting media: glass, ceramic and steel microbeads. aluminum oxide, plastic granules and cast-iron grit.

Peen Service is a Norblast Group company dedicated to third-party shot-peening services.
It represents the most demanding testing ground for our machines and the ideal test area for their development. Having many machines engaged daily on often complex processes means gathering a great deal of information and developing extraordinary expertise in the field. This invaluable resource is channeled into the design of our machines, creating a virtuous circle that is unmatched at a global level.