Alloys & Aluminium


The typical tasks of treatments for stainless steel and alloys consist in creating spot-clean surfaces and preparing components for subsequent galvanic coatings and passivation.

The slag removal, finishing and aesthetic finish results obtained through the Inox Peen® process – developed and patented through our subsidiary Peen Service – fully meet the requirements of the HACCP standard as well as the cleanability requirements for stainless steel.

Our in-depth knowledge of processes and materials enables us to design ultra-efficient machines conceived to ensure top-quality results.
For stainless steel, for instance, our patented Inox Peen® treatment lends treated surfaces a particular roughness profile that achieves the same cleanability as BA polished surfaces or better.
This is especially important in the food, chemical, biomedical and pharmaceutical industries.
To guarantee the quality of the Inox Peen® treatment, we developed a special technique that is very similar to shot peening treatments, turning this treatment into a truly special process. The Inox Peen® process lends surfaces excellent aesthetic appearance, high resistance to fingerprint staining and ensures the highest sanitation capability.