3D Printing Line

Systems for post-processing 3D printed parts

Due to the inherent limitations in the current additive processes, the products obtained have a surface quality and roughness values that may be unacceptable for most applications.
Our new line of 3D-Printing Line products offers manual and automatic post-processing solutions and is custom-designed for cleaning, finishing and roughness reduction of components produced with all additive manufacturing technologies (SLS, MJF, SLM, EBM, FDM and Binder Jetting).


Work Chamber Dimensions 620 x 600 x 500 mm
Propulsion mode Manual
Recommended for Small production


Work Chamber Dimensions 900 x 610 x 620 mm
Propulsion mode Manual and automatic
Recommended for Small/medium Production


Capacity 15 Kg – Volume 17 dm3
Propulsion mode Manual and automatic
Recommended for Medium/High production


Capacity 30 kg – Volume 40 dm3
Propulsion mode Automatic
Recommended for High Production

3D Wave

Tank capacity 160 lt
Cycle Time 30-60 minutes (depending on the steps activated in the program)
High Productivity 1 full cycle in less than 60 minutes