Surface Treatments

Machines and systems for surface treatments: finishing, cleaning, controlled removal and controlled roughness, deburring and shot-peening.

All surface treatments require a series of specific considerations. Experience and continuous, innovative research allow us to offer the best technological solutions, such as our sandblasting and shot-peening systems.

Each model is designed and built based on its specific field of application, guaranteeing precise surface treatment, right down to the very last detail.

Leading surface treatments that can be achieved with our special surface treatment machines include: refined aesthetic surface finishing, treatment for controlled, uniform removal of small quantities of material from the surface, deburring surface treatments for metals and plastics, to remove cutting residues and molding burrs, and treatment for controlled roughness improvement, for greater adhesion between components.


Controlled removal is the treatment used to uniformly eliminate small amounts of material from certain surfaces that have suffered deformation.


This refers to the finishing of surfaces, giving them a uniform appearance, and giving treated components special aesthetic effects.


Sandblasting treatment to clean surfaces, improving their appearance.


Treatment that contributes to improving the adhesion for subsequent coating of the component.


Treatment suitable for eliminating shavings on components processed with machine tools, as well as burrs from stamping metal and/or plastics.


Treatment designed to improve fatigue strength and reduce the negative effects associated with decarburisation of surfaces.