The TAP is an automatic sandblasting machine equipped with a vacuum or pressure shooting system according to the technical process requirements.

It is specially designed for the treatment of small metal parts for high production batches. The selection and recovery of the abrasive takes place automatically through a suitably sized cyclone system, which conveys the crushed grit and the waste powders towards the filter.

The machine is also equipped with a PLC for the management of sandblasting recipes and scheduled maintenance activities. It can also be set up with an automatic loader, compatible with industry 4.0

  • Belt unit for automatic processing of small parts
  • PLC operator interface
  • Cyclone for grit separation and recovery
  • 4 sandblasting guns
  • Automatic horizontal movement
  • Automatic blowing
  • Adjustment of belt rotation speed
  • Automatic inversion for pieces unloading
  • Internal anti-wear coating
  • Self-cleaning cartridge filter cabinet
  • Automatic vertical opening door
  • Shooting device under pressure
  • Magnetic separator