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The Quality System based on a process approach is the strength of our company, certified under UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008

With smart and efficient management of processes and activities we ensure compliance with a high and replicable quality standard, by investing in human resources and testing in all product development phases. This method allows catering to every need in a very timely manner, thus pursuing the primary goal of making our customers happy.

Certificates ISO 14001:2004, we respect the Environmental policy standards and recommendations, in particular the Environmental Management System, pursuing the objective of protecting the environment and natural resources. We believe that our industrial production goals should be pursued and accomplished using sustainable strategies and systems that allow the best and most rational use of all resources while respecting the environment.


The solar panels make it possible to save a quantity of carbon dioxide equal to 75,317 kg in a year
(1,506 t in 20 years).

Through the installation solutions proposed, we are committed to constantly reducing the energy consumption of our production processes. For the most part, the power we use is generated in-house by the solar panels on the roof. The environmental impact reduction goal is pursued by steadily monitoring our significant emissions as well as full sorted collection of all kinds of waste produced by the Company.

– System capacity: 89.6 kWp
– Photovoltaic module type: 280 Wp polycrystalline silicon
– Total annual output: 112,358 kWh

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