The 3DBelt is the flagship model of our 3D-Printing Line. A Sandblasting Machine designed for automatic post-processing, for high production batches made with Additive Manufacturing technology.

Four guns powered by a horizontal motion combined with the belt rotation will provide optimal surface coverage, ensuring process repeatability.

The abrasive selection and recovery operations take place automatically by means of a suitably sized cyclone system, which conveys the crushed grit and waste dust to the filter.

It can also integrate the innovative Ion-Cleaning system to reduce any electrostatic phenomena in the case of treatment on plastic parts, such as PA12.

The 3DBelt machine is equipped with a PLC to manage sandblasting recipes and scheduled maintenance activities. It can also be equipped with an automatic loader, compatible with Industry 4.0

  • Belt unit for automatic processing of small parts
  • PLC operator interface
  • Cyclone for grit separation and recovery
  • 4 sandblasting guns
  • Automatic horizontal movement
  • Automatic blowing
  • Adjustment of belt rotation speed
  • Automatic inversion for pieces unloading
  • Internal anti-wear coating
  • Self-cleaning cartridge filter cabinet
  • Belt Capacity – 30kg – Volume 40 dm3
  • Automatic vertical opening door
  • Ion-Cleaning
  • Magnetic separator
  • Sieve