Automatic Line


They are automatic machines with very high productivity and high technological content, equipped with a vacuum or pressure firing system according to the technical process requirements. A control PLC manages and monitors all the functions of the machine. The satellites find their strength in the almost total elimination of the dead times normally dedicated to the unloading of the processed pieces and the loading of those to be treated.

The selection and recovery of the abrasive takes place automatically through a suitably sized cyclone system, which conveys the crushed grit and the waste dust towards the filter, and into the engine under pressure or in an accumulation tank in the event of a vacuum system the grit suitable to carry out the treatment, all in the containment of scraps and wear.

These machines are also equipped with a filtration system dedicated to self-cleaning cartridges, which has the important task of dedusting the work cabin, sucking up the crushed material and preventing the micro-powders from being dispersed in the surrounding environment.


Ideal for small / medium production of small parts


Ideal for medium / high production of small parts


Ideal for high production of small parts


Maximum workable piece (mm)
diameter 100 H 200


Maximum workable piece (mm)
diameter 230 x H 600


Maximum workable piece (mm)
diameter 230 x H 600