The S11B is an automatic sandblasting machine equipped with a vacuum shooting system. It represents the effective solution for having a system that allows the automatic processing of small parts and small-sized components. Furthermore, thanks to the availability of the manual workstation, it is possible to process countless details with the presence of the operator.

The selection and recovery of the abrasive takes place automatically through a suitably sized cyclone system, which conveys the crushed grit and the waste dust towards the filter, keeping the grit suitable for the treatment in circulation, all in the containment of the waste and wear.

This machine is also equipped with a separate filtration system with self-cleaning cartridges, which has the important task of de-dusting the work cabin, vacuuming the crushed material and preventing micro-dust from being dispersed into the surrounding environment.

  • High productivity basket 15 kg – 17dm3
  • Two automatic pistols + 1 manual
  • Automatic blowing at the end of the cycle
  • High efficiency cartridge filter
  • Cyclone for grit separation and recovery
  • Grit flow regulation device
  • Working chamber dimensions WxDxH mm: 1000 x 1000 x 1000
  • External dimensions WxDxH mm: 3120 x 2570 x 2090
  • Internal anti-wear coating
  • Turning table
  • Magnetic separator
  • Ergokit (armrest)