The Robot-Sat is a machine with very high productivity and high technological content created for the treatment and finishing of surfaces.

It finds its strength in the total elimination of dead times, normally dedicated to the unloading of the worked pieces and the loading of those to be worked.

The gun is moved by an anthropomorphic robot, which allows you to easily reach any surface or undercut with a single gun. The advantage of a robotic system, in addition to its high repeatability, lies in the flexibility of being able to work completely different geometries, simply by changing the process parameters from the PLC.

The machine is also equipped with a 2 satellite system that allows you to power the system without interrupting the treatment. The external satellite allows the loading / unloading in absolute safety while the treatment takes place in the internal satellite. Finally, the system includes an automatic air-blowing system dedicated to cleaning the treated part.

  • Loading / unloading in masked time
  • 1 work station plus one for loading and unloading
  • Pressure tank
  • Guns movement by robot
  • Automatic blowing
  • PLC with operator interface for system management
  • Self-cleaning cartridge filter cabinet
  • Internal anti-wear coating
  • Sieve
  • Prepared for automatic loading / unloading
  • Teleservice
  • Magnetic separator
  • Bio option (stainless steel construction)