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It is people who build a company, men and women who, in the case of Sir Norelli, with the pride and determination of those who are moved by passion, have been able to revolutionise that which already existed, transforming it into a completely new product: a brand based on the values of quality and professionalism.

With years of experience and knowledge of the world of mechanical engineering and its production processes, in 1976 Sir Norelli founded Norblast. Thus started a sequence of choices, experimentation and decisions that have made the company a leader in Italy and in the rest of the world.

Born from a passion for the field of surface finishing of mechanical components, the company was established with the objective of designing and building machines for cleaning moulds.

During this evolution, making the most of continuous collaboration with research centres and universities, Norblast began to explore fields and applications that had not been foreseen at the time of its founding: machines designed for the cleaning of moulds, machines for perfecting aviation components, systems for processing glass and steel, sophisticated industrial lines to help make biomedical components increasingly safe and modern.

In the 90s, Norblast consolidated its cooperation with the world of scientific, technical and medical research, founding Peen Service which in a short time became a separate division with relationships extending to the borders of the Spanish market after the founding of the subsidiary Ipar Blast.


In 2017 we celebrate the 40 successful years of an Italian company
known for excellence worldwide.

With the expansion of its capabilities, Norblast has gradually evolved and developed, today offering revolutionary and unconventional solutions that can transform shot-peening and sandblasting processes, from simple surface treatments to true technology. The Research and Development Centre and the Special  Machines Division were established to produce systems in line with the innovations of a growing technology, and with the primary objective of responding more fully to the needs of the customer.

Proud of our national identity but always ready to tackle new markets both in Europe and the rest of the world, in 2017 along with our valuable employees we celebrate the 40 successful years of an Italian business that is known for its excellence worldwide.