Norblast Packaging Code List


The packaging material identification codes used by NORBLAST are

  • Wooden pallet: FOR50
  • Bubble wrap: LDPE4
  • Stretch film: LDPE04
  • Corrugated cardboard: PAP20
  • Non-corrugated cardboard: PAP21
  • FRAGILE Printed tape: PP5
  • NORBLAST Printed tape: PP5
  • Polystyrene box: PS6
  • Strapping: PP5
  • Bubble polyethylene cap: PE-LD 04 + HDPE7
  • Carton-pallet: FOR50 wooden pallet + PAP20 corrugated cardboard
  • Glass microbead bags: C/PAP 81
  • Aluminium oxide bags: to be verified
  • Spherical grit tins: to be verified
  • White polypropylene bag with polyethylene interior: PP+PE
  • Polypropylene bag marked Norblast: PP5
  • Plastic container for ceramics: HD-PE2
  • Heat shrinkable white aluminium oxide pallet: LDPE04
  • Heat shrinkable red aluminium oxide pallet: PE-HD02
  • Plastic grit bag: PE-LD 04
  • Brown adhesive tape and transparent adhesive tape: PP5
  • Air and blasting hose casing: LDPE 04
  • Spiral hose wrap: LDPE 04 film
  • Bag containing latex gloves: LDPE04