3D Wave arrives: the new surface dyeing machine

Norblast 3D Printing Line expands further, with the arrival of the new 3D Wave: the machine specially designed to achieve superior performance during the surface dyeing phase of 3D printed components.

Thanks to its innovative immersion dyeing system, this machine guarantees precision and uniformity of coloration for exceptional and unparalleled results.

How does 3D Wave work?

The operation of the machine is extremely simple and intuitive, as it is designed to facilitate the operator’s work and speed up the process.

The parts are placed inside a stainless steel mesh basket, the lid of which is equipped with a locking system at different heights to prevent parts from falling out and ensure integrity during rotation. Then, thanks to RotoWave technology, by means of partial immersion and continuous exchange, the liquid moves constantly, entering even deep cavities, improving the ability of the dye to adhere to surfaces, avoiding stagnation and halos.


  • Automatic preliminary rinsing to remove any surface impurities;
  • Piece dyeing using Rotowave technology in slow rotation with partial immersion;
  • Final automatic rinse to remove any excess dye;
  • Hot air drying in micro-filtered and temperature-controlled environment

Why choose 3D Wave?

The new machine designed by Norblast in collaboration with Teknox enables unparalleled results thanks to:

  • All-in-one technology: the machine takes care of the entire processing stage, from pre-rinsing to dyeing and drying. This speeds up processing and avoids downtime;
  • Optimal surface dyeing: 3D Wave is designed to process even the most complex parts with maximum efficiency, giving optimal dyeing even to irregular and concave surfaces thanks to the Rotowave system;
  • Reduced running costs: the machine analyzes and stores daily power consumption, thus allowing for cost-saving activities and optimization of consumption;
  • High productivity: a complete cycle takes less than 60 minutes, allowing ultra-fast processing;
  • Dyeing management of parts in cassettes: the machine cover allows partial filling of parts.

In addition, the machinery has been designed with the specific needs of companies and operators in mind, with automatic processes that make it easy to use and easy-to-create customizable programs to set up tailor-made processing according to processing needs and product type.