The S22 is a manual sandblasting machine characterized by particularly generous volumes and multiple workstations that facilitate the treatment of large components.

It is equipped with the pressurized shooting system which allows working powers and production speeds up to 5 times higher than the traditional vacuum system.

It is a system that allows you to load particularly heavy pieces from the outside, thanks to a removable table. It is also equipped with internal linings to reduce wear inside the work cabin.

Finally, the plant integrates a cyclone for the selection and recovery of the grit as well as a filter for the removal of dust.

  • Self-cleaning cartridge filter
  • Cyclone for the recovery and separation of grit
  • Grit flow regulation device
  • Working chamber dimensions WxDxH mm: 2200x1000x1000
  • Internal anti-wear coating
  • Turning table
  • Support for loading pieces from the outside
  • Magnetic separator
  • Additional workstations