The S14 is a manual sandblasting machine that can be equipped with a vacuum or pressure shooting system.

It is a model that offers great versatility, including a double door opening to facilitate loading / unloading operations. The double glove station also allows the operator to access the workpiece more easily.

This model also allows you to load particularly heavy pieces from the outside, thanks to a removable table. The selection and recovery of the abrasive takes place automatically through a suitably sized cyclone system, which guarantees a significant reduction in grit consumption.

This model is also equipped with a filtration system dedicated with self-cleaning cartridges, which has the important task of dedusting the work cabin.

  • Self-cleaning cartridge filter
  • Cyclone for the recovery and separation of grit
  • Grit flow regulation device
  • Working chamber dim.WxDxH mm: 1300x1300x h.1300
  • Internal anti-wear coating
  • 24l pressure tank
  • Turning table
  • Support for loading pieces from the outside
  • Magnetic separator
  • Basket for automatic small parts processing