The SAT2-Bio is an automatic machine with high technological content designed for the treatment and finishing of surfaces of small / medium-sized geometries. The compact dimensions allow easy placement in small spaces.

The intuitive PLC allows you to program and control all process parameters with extreme precision. This BIO version is the ideal solution for the treatment of biomedical components, such as dental screws and other prostheses.

  • 1 work station + 1 loading / unloading station
  • Loading / unloading in masked time
  • Components in AISI304
  • Cyclone for grit separation and recovery
  • Internal lining FDA certified wear
  • Automatic blowing
  • PLC for recipe management and scheduled maintenance
  • Maximum dimensions of the piece: Ø 100 xh 100 (mm)
  • Max load weight per satellite: 2kg
  • Magnetic separator
  • Sieve
  • Vertical movement of the guns
  • Sieve group
  • Teleservice