Shot-Peening Line


Improving Performances

Shot peening is our leading treatment, the culmination of particularly thorough and detailed study by the research centre and our Peen Service subsidiary. It is a treatment designed to improve the fatigue strength of cemented, nitrided or reclaimed parts. The treatment can reach considerable depth and is often used to slow or eliminate breakage associated with stress corrosion, fretting, pitting and to reduce the negative effects associated with the decarburisation of surfaces. In aviation environments it is also used before applying galvanic coating to eliminate the embrittlement caused by the application of the layer. Our systems are designed with the maximum technology to strictly meet the specific needs of this particular treatment, characterised by numerous specifications and extreme application complexity. Our machines are designed to give each single piece the same treatment through the rigorous control of all process characteristics like job pressure, hot spot location, blasting angle, grit size, shape and flow, the speed of shifting and rotation of the various drives. Our solutions are fully compatible with and certified under NADCAP specifications and are compatible with the typical guidelines of industry certifications.
Depending on the case, with Peen Service, our subsidiary specialised in shot-peening, we can offer outsourcing treatment on all components of this industry, both for fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft.


Rotary table robot system

Robotic system designed to correctly perform controlled sandblasting treatment on aeronautical components in preparation for the copper plating process.

Tunnel robot system

Robotic system for shot peening of aeronautical wing ribs. Equipped with magna valve and certifiable Nadcab. Possibility to work details up to 2 meters long.

7-axis robot system

7-axis robotic system, equipped with vertical automatic door. The ideal solution to correctly perform shot-peening treatment on aeronautical components.


Satellite Shot-Peening Robot System

Robotic shot-peening system. This is the ideal solution to correctly perform controlled shot peening treatment on automotive gears to increase fatigue resistance.

System with automatic loader

High productivity system for shot peening of gears, equipped with automatic loader to work production batches independently without the presence of the operator.

3-station Shot-Peening system

Shot peening system for bevel gear pairs. The satellite system is equipped with a station for loading / unloading operations in masked time, plus two work stations inside the cabin.


Satellite system for blades

High productivity robotic shot peening system. This solution is designed to correctly perform the Shot Peening treatment on turbine blades of different sizes.

Rotating table system for blades

Single station robotic system. The ideal solution to perform shot peening on blades by means of a rotary table or tip group and dedicated tip and tailstock equipment.

Rotary table robot system

Robotic system under pressure to correctly perform controlled sandblasting treatment on aeronautical components in preparation for the copper plating process.