Custom Line



We build and design our machines according to the results the customer wants to achieve. The experience and the propensity to research allow us to identify the “ideal solution” and create, in a tailored logic, the “tailored suit”.

Each component in the construction of special systems is rigorously selected and controlled by the quality and production managers. The machines designed for biomedical, “BIO Versions”, are made with biocompatible material, perfect for osseointegration or use in the food sector.
All treatments for the construction of our systems are guaranteed by the certifications that Norblast lives as a daily challenge.

Machine for door lock cylinders

Belt system sandblasting machine with very high productivity. It is designed to correctly perform surface finishing treatment on brass door cylinders.

Deburring Machine for castings

Robotic system for cleaning internal channels of castings. Equipped with robot and automatic nozzle change to deburr internal channels.

Robotized machine for hip stems

Robotic system with automatic loader. This is the ideal solution to correctly perform sandblasting treatment on medical implants.

Robotic machine for wheels

Robotic system built for the finishing treatment of wheels. It is equipped with an “exchange” system, with 2 satellites, which allows you to power the system without interrupting the treatment.

Automatic machine for bike rims

Customized high productivity system for racing bike rims finishing. Its configuration allows to work different rim sizes, guaranteeing process repeatability.

Machine for truck wheels

Custom solution for the removal of silicates and capable of responding to all requests in terms of mechanical and software integration in order to be able to insert the plant in the production line.

Machine for dental implants

High productivity automatic system for obtaining controlled roughness on dental implants. This particular treatment favors the osseointegration of the prosthesis.

Machine for mold cleaning

Automatic system to clean and remove rubber residues, without changing the surface morphology of the mold. The work cycle does not require operator presence.

Machine for eye-glasses finishing

High productivity automatic system for finishing treatment on plastic eye-glasses. This solution guarantees process repeatability on each component treated.