THE NORBLAST TEST CENTRE performs specific tests on our customers’ components

To guarantee and satisfy any need, we have founded the Norblast Test Centre where our highly qualified technical staff performs specific tests on our customers’ components.
The Test Centre, which houses extremely flexible manual, automated and robotic systems, offers a dual benefit: the customer can measure the results of surface treatments and Norblast can identify the process critical issues to be solved and overcome.
Industrialising the best solution. This is the goal that we strive for every time, and that today we can achieve thanks to 40 years of experience, combined with constant attention to the component to be treated and its entire life cycle. 

Whether it’s a special finish to make an object uniform and aesthetically flawless, or a process to increase the fatigue resistance of an aircraft component that must resist certain levels of stress, our expertise combined with the great flexibility of our systems makes it possible for us to quickly identify and test the best possible solution. 


– Manual, automatic and robotised systems
– Skilled technicians
– High-tech measurement tools (electronic microscope, roughness meter, endoscope, gloss meter, diffractometer)


– Years of experience
– Certified competence
– Professionalism
– Personalised solutions
– Testing in front of the customer, with immediate delivery of results
– Possibility for the customer to send samples, receiving back test results very soon after

To make an appointment or send us some samples call us at +39 051 531037