For us, accompanying the customer during the post-sales phase is a commitment as important as guaranteeing the quality of our products.


We design our machines also with a view to easy installation. The simplest machines can also be easily self-installed by the customer following the instructions in the user and maintenance manual.
The more complex systems, on the other hand, are installed by Norblast technical personnel, who take care of all the tasks required to make the system operational on the customer’s premises.


To help our customers achieve maximum performance from our machines, we provide training sessions for operating personnel, technicians and/or supervisors, and maintenance workers.
The courses can be organised at our headquarters or on-site in the customer’s facilities, and are always held by qualified Norblast technicians.

The training aims to make the customer independent not only in the management and maintenance activities on the machine, but also in troubleshooting, by learning standard procedures.
At the end of the course, all participants will receive a certificate of attendance.


Our systems incorporate the latest technological developments and are designed for maximum production efficiency supported by a proper and simple maintenance.

Norblast ensures technical assistance on-site at the customer’s facilities during the entire life cycle of a machine. Periodic maintenance plans can be shared and agreed upon, as well as personalised assistance based on the needs of each customer.
For automatic systems equipped with PLC, application software is available with scheduled maintenance plans communicated directly by the machine. It is also possible to activate a Remote Assistance service that allows our customers to connect to us and get technical support via modem or teleconference directly in the facility where the machine is located. This service can be used in case of malfunction of the machine or when operating instructions are necessary. This form of extremely effective communication allows quick responses and cost savings. With a secure connection through a router placed on the customer’s machine, Norblast technicians are able to work directly on the machines installed on the customer’s premises.