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Guaranteed quality results that we have been offering for 40 years!

Norblast is not just a company that designs and implements technological systems and cutting-edge solutions. It is a business that through continuous innovative research applied to industry strives to increase its skills to better support its customers.

Passion, constant training and investment in research and development, in collaboration with corporate or institutional partners including the University of Bologna and Milan Polytechnic, make possible the results that we have worked to guarantee for 40 years.


Through continuous innovative research applied to the industrial world, we improve our skills to better support our customers

We develop and constantly refine the technologies to make our machines more reliable and efficient. We are able to provide co-engineered solutions that best suit the needs of the customer, from a single machine to be included in the production chain to the development of complete “turnkey” lines.

In-depth knowledge of surface treatments and operating production contexts are essential pre-requisites for designing complete systems suitable to meet the demands of customers.


With forty years of experience in the engineering of surfaces and their treatment, our Test Centre is always available for any technical questions about specific process problems. The Norblast Test Centre is ready to provide concrete answers, complete with demonstrations, and perform production tests directly on the customers’ components.


The installation, training and maintenance of all our systems are performed directly by our team of specialised engineers and technicians, with the aim of ensuring quick system startup and a high degree of management autonomy on the part of the customer, maintaining the high standards of quality, reliability and productivity over time.


We have a large warehouse of spare parts and grits, the materials always being available to allow our customers to operate with efficiency and continuity.