Sprue cleaning treatment

30 AugSprue cleaning treatment

Sprue cleaning treatment Solution to perform casting roughing as well as cleaning treatments inside the same cabin and within the same...Read More

28 JunBlades

Blades Shot-peening falls in the category of “special processes” that are not verifiable ex post. Therefore, the only way to control...Read More

28 JunGears

Gears Automatic system for shot peening gears, equipped with automatic loader to work batches independently without the presence of an operator....Read More

28 JunProstheses and Dental implants

Prostheses and Dental implants The SD7SAT2 is a high-tech automatic machine for the production of controlled roughness in dental implants and/or...Read More

28 JunInjectors

Injectors Automatic satellite system, therefore with high productivity, for the removal of burrs inside of injectors for engines, respecting dimensional and...Read More

28 JunGears

Gears On many occasions the ribbed holes on gears are irreparably damaged by heat treatments that strain them, incorrect mechanical processes...Read More

28 JunTools

Tools Automatic satellite system, therefore with high productivity, for preparing the surfaces of the tools using controlled sandblasting with micro grits...Read More

28 JunWheels

Wheels Automatic, high-tech system designed to process and finish wheels. The system is equipped with an "exchange" system with 2 satellites,...Read More

28 JunEyeglasses

Eyeglasses Automatic high-tech system with very high productivity made for the treatment and finishing of various types of eyeglass frames. Its...Read More

28 JunMoulds

Moulds Automatic pressure system for cleaning moulds after moulding operations. The blasting operations and the consequent controlled removal of residue make...Read More