• spare parts and grits

The effectiveness of surface treatment is also guaranteed by the use of quality grits, while the efficiency of the systems depends greatly on the ability to minimise maintenance downtime.

For these reasons Norblast has a large warehouse with grits and spare parts that are always available.


The quality of the grit


We have a full range of grits: from glass microballs to steel or ceramic microballs, white and red corundum, cast iron, plastic. Each type of material is always available in our warehouses. We also provide advice on the use and properties of the grits, even performing experimental testing to assess the effects on the treated components.


Always original spare parts


Thanks to our automated and traditional warehouses we can assure the availability of all our Norblast original spare parts: gloves, nozzles, glass, filters, various tubes and all the technological components.

Working with our customers, we organise lists of recommended spare parts specific for each type of system and application, to enable the most efficient operations possible.